Hadrian’s plod

One would plod from Wallsend in Northumberland to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria in order to complete the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail and appreciate the great efforts of the Romans. But not for the wonder of the walk itself.

Although not suggested in the guide books, my advice would be to cut out the first and last sections. Starting in the East as usually recommended is quite wrong due to the prevailing (and high) winds. Wallsend has nothing to offer save the graveyard and immensely sad defunct Swan Hunter shipbuilding site. Neither is the Tyneside ramble inspiring. Similarly, the last 14 miles West of Carlisle is not worth the effort.

Appreciate the wonderful remains of the wall and it fortifications by walking from Carlisle to Heddon, a distance of about 54 miles to be done comfortably in four days with the wind and rain at your back!

Practical advice from a windswept and drenched long-distance walker.