This is a classic modern detective story. Pearl cannot accept that her deceased friend Eugene committed multiple murders back in 1956.

She is merely an amateur sleuth with only a Burmese student Kyaw to help delve into the past. The odds of success are slim and at times her faith is sorely tested. Conversely Marcus, a successful stock market day trader, has a burning moral obligation to prove that Eugene was a killer. It is the unexpected that shocks.

Picture the scene. A bitterly cold winter’s day. A graveside. Pearl has thrown a handful of soil onto the coffin. She is weeping. Her friend had died suddenly. She wasn’t even in the country, never mind his cottage near Brighton. She is still staring at the nameplate “Eugene Whitby 1927 – 2015” when a stranger hands her an envelope. The note inside remains unread for days.

The chain of events unleashed by the contents of that single piece of paper will shape her life for ever.

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