Format: Paperback/eBook Pages: 88 Publisher: Lulu Price: £4.99 Available: Now ISBN-13: 978-1446621950

“Humour is a definite asset when laying bare the essentials of business and finance”

What is a balance sheet and how do you read it? Why should you never take a profit & loss account at face value? And when, exactly, can a cash-flow statement save not only the day, but the business itself?

If you find yourself asking any of these questions – needing to be switched on to off-balance sheet financing or geared up for gearing – then Wise-up on business & finance is the book for you.
Written squarely for the junior executive just starting out on the corporate ladder, this handy how-to guide clearly, concisely and systematically demystifies a subject that for too long has remained needlessly opaque.

Author John G Smith draws on over 50 years’ experience as an accountant, financial director, strategic adviser and management consultant (for Price Waterhouse Associates) to cut through the classroom theory and terminology and illustrate the right way to assess the real-world performance and health of any company.

The 88-page book includes sections on all the essentials needed to not only get by but get ahead in the world of commerce, be it in a corporation, SME, self-owned business or start-up. Chapters include – How to Read a Balance Sheet; How to Interpret a Profit & Loss Account; Quantitative Easing; Balance Sheet FAQs; What is a Cash-Flow Statement?; Corporate Survival Kit; Debunking the Balance Sheet, and Kickstart Your Own Business.

Smith, an active trader on the UK and USA stock market, also takes time to explore the history of the UK stock market and sets out the fundamentals of investing, the structure of the market, share value terminology, how to choose an investment strategy and some consequences of such a choice – an ideal introduction for those interested in private investment and the lucrative world of investment banking.

The book closes with some thoughts on becoming a management consultant and includes a comprehensive glossary of terms for quick reference. Throughout, Smith adds a splash of irreverent humour to lighten the load and fully engage the reader.

Wise-up on business & finance is the ideal read for executive high-flyers and aspiring students of business and finance who wish to invest in themselves for maximum gain. · Wise-up on business & finance by John G. Smith is available now from all good retailers, including Amazon.