Pure Buxton

Review Of “Derbyshire Born” Pure Buxton Magazine Jan 2012

BORN the son of a tenant farmer in wartime Derbyshire, John Smith hated school and failed his exams — but landed an office job at the age of 15 and became a financial high-flyer.

Now retired, the former management consultant has returned to his roots and taken up writing. His first book, Derbyshire Born, covers his journey from childhood to adulthood in 1940s and *50s England. A second novel, Barn Door to Balance Sheet, recounts his transition to globe—trotting management consultant, while two further works examine the roots of the current financial crisis and provide advice to budding

”l write now because I enjoy it, and have the time’ says John. “Derbyshire Born is not only the story of my life, it*s also an opportunity to reflect on the sometimes uncomfortable social transition between the old world and the unlimited opportunities of the new”

For more information, visit John’s website: www.quantitativewheezing.co.uk