The 22% decade

If you had fallen asleep this day 10 years ago after investing in the FTSE 100 composite index and woken up today, you would be surprised to learn that you are 22% worse off and that is to ignore the adverse affect of the reduced purchasing power of money. Coincidentally, that same index has risen by the same % this year.

When one considers that the FTSE is mainly global and dominated by commodities that the new world cannot do without, it is an even more remarkable statistic.

Still, thank your lucky stars that you are not a Frenchman (down 34%), although as a German you would only have lost 14% and in the US lost 8%.

What should you have done before falling asleep? Taken you granddad’s advice and bought those bars of gold that Gordon Brown stupidly sold. Gold has risen fourfold since the millennium. If storage of gold was a problem, you could have tucked away 10-year US Treasury bonds to secure a safe 80% gain.

As I climb the stairs, can’t help worrying about what I should have bought today.

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