The Adventures Of Eugene


An adventure story for 9 to 14 year olds

Eugene was a butchers-boy.

When he was only twelve years old he could make sausages and pies and cut up joints of meat. But, when he was eighteen, he was sent to Burma to drop rice from an aeroplane to villagers starving in the jungle.

The Japanese soldiers were running scared. Eugene fell in love with a beautiful Burmese girl named Chit but when he returned to England, she was not allowed to come with him. They were both very sad.

Years later he married Dorothy and they opened only the second supermarket in England. Things started to go wrong. There was an explosion down a coal mine, a terrible car crash and then Dorothy died: but how? Worse was to come. Two brothers disappeared without trace and then a farmer’s dog sniffed out a man’s arm buried in a field. The police came to see Eugene.

Had he killed his brothers after a family argument?

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