Walking A Tightrope

Walking A Tightrope
By John G Smith
Paperback, 237 Pages

Walking A Tightrope

Bank bail-outs and sovereign downgrades have occurred. Throughout all, Britons have stayed calm and stoical. Savers, with their six-to-one majority, have battened down the hatches and done what savers do: looked to the future and not lived for today. Mr & Mrs UK, and across the economic spectrum, have kept up their monthly mortgage payments and have been digging for victory again. The demand for garden allotments has blossomed. Not a single person has taken to the streets.

This little book picks up stories that have hit the headlines during the five years to 2013 and, hopefully, adds a bit of value and some humour to “events dear boy – events”. In a historical context, the next generation or two will look back and conclude:-

– How stupid were the peoples of the early 21st century.
– It was all just a process of change that had to happen: a correction of self-indulgence.

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