Wise up on business & finance

Wise-up on business & finance  – John G. Smith

* Wise-up tips for the young executive.
* Business terminology: de-coded and made fun of.
* Knowing and working the stock market.
* Management consultancy – what’s it all about?
* Debunking the balance sheet.

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 Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Heathland Associates / Lulu.com (8 Mar 2011)
ISBN-10: 1446621952
ISBN-13: 978-1446621950

The content of this book is drawn from experience. It gives tips to the young executive on how to survive and flourish in the corporate world. To those aspiring students of business and finance it explains in plain English how to read and interpret a balance sheet,a profit & loss account and a cash-flow statement. As a part-serious, part-humorous interlude it decodes much of the terminology that infests the business and financial world.

The book includes a history of the UK stock market and sets out the fundamentals of investing, the structure of the market, share value terminology, how to choose an investment strategy and some consequences of such a choice. The author was for many years a management consultant and he gives some guidance for those considering this as a career, including a short case study. Finally, for the small to medium size businessman comes some fatherly advice on dealing with debtors and creditors and on understanding this lifestyle choice.